About Us

I was born in 1971 in Sourh Africa. In 1994 my husband and I decided to move to Jersey. We stayed on the Island for 10 years. We decided to move to Madeira to be closer to the family. For the last 6 years my husband and I and our three boys are enjoying life in Madeira. I am greatly influenced by the nature of the islands, the reflections of the sun on the sea. But my african roots can also be seen in the colours and patterns of my beads. My beads are very colourful and tend to be more organic in shape. In developing my designs, I embrace both traditional and African techniques. The techniques and the combinations of different types of glass are never ending. It’s a fascinating medium that is limited only by one’s imagination and desire to experiment. My husband, Michael and I have a unique bond, he is managing our Studio in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. He is my right hand and valued partner. He pushes the limits of bead productions. Sometimes I can make twenty beads per day and othertimes much more. I see him as a great asset in the business. Glass beads and jewellery is part of our lifes and hopefully it will give our clients the same joy as we get from the beads. We are in the market with the aim to enlarge the search of handmade jewelery. We satisfy the demands of the women that value the exclusiveness and quality allying beauty and comfort. In the Shop  charlottes_txt1 (CM Studio) all the pieces are elaborated with special affection that the client upon using our Jewelery feel themselves deeply spoiled, knowing that they are using an original piece and versatil, molded to express their personality with a lot of glamour! Our style is very unique, personalized and characteristic, however, we accompany always the evolution of  the fashion that our clients feel that mark the difference wherever  they circulate, being able to like this, and participate on the  creation of a piece of art adapted to their own style, situation,  and forms of being and dress. We intend with our arte raise more and  more the quality and the credibility of the our mark such as our  personalized service to all the clients that visit the shop.  charlottes_txt1 presents her pieces of form elegant in a space  confortable and harmonious, where the decoration demarcates-it self of  her creativity and singularity. The Shop charlottes_txt1 exists because it is unique and dedicates it self  to unique clients.